Futoshiki Flash Game Playing Instructions

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1. To play this game, use the arrow keys or the mouse to select the desired square. Once you select the desired square, use the keyboard numeric keys to enter a digit in that box. <Space> - Clear Box. <Caps Lock> - Toggle Pencilmark On/Off

2. If you are using the mouse, press and hold the left mouse button to bring up the number pad. Move the mouse to the desired digit and release the mouse button to select. Some digits will be crossed out and will not be used during this particular puzzle. "X" - Clear Box, "?" - Automatically calculates digits for sums.

3. Use the pencil icon on the number pad or at the top of the screen to turn on/off pencil mark. Pencilmarks are useful to enter a range of possibilities for a particlular square when uncertain of a digit.

4. All digits entered will display in green unless there is an obvious row/column duplication error or inequality violation. If there is, then that digit or digits will display in yellow. Fixed values will be displayed in blue and pencilmarks will display in red.

5. There are 3 different levels of play plus a practice round. Take the time to conquer enough puzzles from one level before going to the next.

6. Keep in mind that ALL futoshiki puzzles have one and only one unique solution that can be solved logically.

Please take note of other game playing features:
- Located on the main screen, click this icon to play a specific puzzle #
- Located on the main screen, click this icon to mute the music/sounds
- While playing, click this icon to print the current puzzle out to printer
- While playing, click this icon to undo the last few moves (up to 5 moves).
- While playing, this icon is also used to toggle pencilmark mode on/off.

*Should you decide to take a break during game play, remember to save your game by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to resume your game at a later time without losing your progress.

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